Great Books for the Young, and the Young at Heart

Face Value 1: Kim vs. Gravity, Round One

Face Value 2: Kim vs. Gravity, Round Two: Breakfast — The Most Important Part of Your Cosmetic Surgery Day!

Face Value 3: Kim vs. Gravity, Round Three: Kim the Amazing Duck-Faced Girl

Face Value 4: Kim vs. Gravity, Round Four: Intermission/A Radio Drama

Face Value 5: Kim vs. Gravity, Round Five: Dangerous Apples

Face Value 6: Kim vs. Gravity, Round Six: Aspirin, or I take one for the team

Face Value 7: Kim vs. Gravity, Round Seven: Gin Blossoms Are Not a Pretty Flower!

Face Value 8: Kim vs. Gravity, Round Eight: Post-wedding wrap up

Resolutions for Readers ’06

Big Bookstores
So I went to my favorite mega-book-o-torium for something to read. I left with a blank journal, greeting cards, a cute tin of tea, a slice of cake, a juggling kit, and oh yeah, a Godiva chocolate bar. I’ve got this weird feeling that I’ve forgotten something…

Used Bookstores, Used Books
The names are sometimes unfortunately cute, and they are always full of dust, but I love them, stacked to the rafters with tattered paperbacks — sometimes with the real finds stuck right there next to them. Inside, move a little slower, it’s a treasure hunt, and anything could happen. I am the Indiana Jones of First Editions.

New Year’s Resolutions
Kim Alexander helps with your New Year’s Resolutions — among other things, you have permission to get rid of books that you hated/started but were too homeworky/will never read.  (Either read Jane Eyre already or give it to the library.)

Young Readers Day at Emery Elementary School
Kim Alexander faces her own personal demons and confronts a classroom full of terrifyingly clever 6th grade girls.

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