Countdown to Comic Con!

For the past couple of years I would be racing around like a lunatic this week, trying to decide if cute shoes were worth it (they are not) and if my room was actually reserved or if I’d have to sleep in the Hall H line. (Hall H People represent!)

This year I’m not going to be able to attend San Diego Comic Con.  At first I was all, oh, its so much work anyway and I never get to actually see anything, but honestly? I’m really bummed. It was bragging rights for sure (Skarsagard? Nice guy.) but it was also a seething mass of people who see the world very much the same way I do. And where else am I going to get so many compliments on my badass Planet Express sweatshirt? Sure, its crowded, crazy and stinky, but then stuff like this happens:

John Barrowman!

John Barrowman!

So what I’ve decided to do is go back in the archives and share some conversations from last year’s SDCC. An operation like this takes a team, and you’ll hear contributions from my good friends and fellow nerds Dave Zeimer and Mark Says Hi. We’ll start with Captain Jack and I’ll have something new for you every day this week.


INTVW John Barrowman_3610296

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