Post Book Radio Day One

As I said on our Facebook page, it’s a little overwhelming to see thousands of comments from listeners, all lamenting the loss of something I loved passionately and couldn’t wait to do every day.  I thank you all and I wish I could come to all your houses (and long haul trucks) and hand you a book.

But even though I don’t have a channel anymore, I do have many, many hours of audio. Many hours. So I hope you’ll check back every week to see what the featured book, author, actor or artist might be. I’ll post the audio with a little behind the scenes commentary about putting the interview together.

Coming up this week? Here’s a hint:

:gollum and me SDCC 12

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18 Responses

  1. Chuck Bates says:

    SiriusXM has blown it this time.
    I’m lost without the Book Radio content.
    I’m hoping that pick up where they dropped the ball.
    I’ll be checking on your progress, hoping for the best.

  2. Roger McLean says:

    Very sad to see Book radio off satellite XM/Sirus. Guess i was a bit late getting the news and just found out today (7/15) when i went to listen to Harry Nile/Sherlock Holmes hour followed by your great interviews. I just cant believe there are not enough people that like book radio to not justify a spot amongst the 200 plus stations on XM/Sirrus.

    Roger McLean

  3. Bob Thompson says:

    I don’t know how to face a world without Book Radio. I listened every evening, it is more true to say Book radio was my evenings. I will miss your show and all the other fine shows that were available at Book Radio. No Harry Nile, No sly crooner, feeling very empty. Anyway I am glad to have foung your page. Thank you for being such good company over the past years. Best regards, Bob Thompson – a fan

  4. Beverly says:

    Tuned in this morning and found Rural Radio. Didn’t know and NOT happy at all. No offense to RR but I love books and fell in love with Book Radio. If you were responsible for Book Radio being on the air then I thank you very much. I drive to work 35-45 minutes each day and found BR to be a great companion. Will miss it very much. Best to you and if there is a remote possibility of BR being heard somewhere else, consider me there. God bless…B.

  5. Anemarie says:

    I also was,out of the loop with this. I am a teacher and listen every day during the school year, one week of and you’re gone. sad to think,that such a wonderful and educational resource for learner s of all ages is gone. Sirius should be ashamed of themselves!

  6. Gloria says:

    Like Beverly, I didn’t have a clue what I loved the most on xm radio was leaving. I just got my husband to start listening as well. I’m just not happy. I’ll be watching for you here but I really hope xm gets it right and bring you back

  7. So sad. My husband started his roadtrip and found RR on air. He called me to find out where Book Radio had gone. We love BR. Listen to it every day. It made our six week long road trip from ME to CA and back so enjoyable last summer.
    Thank you for so much pleasurable listening!

  8. Roy Schoenberg says:

    I was very upset to find out that Book Radio has been taken off the air. this follows by about a year the taking off of the Village on channel 62 , and it was formerly channel 15 before that. Now both of my favorite channels are off the air. the corporate fascists at sirius xm do not care. there is no way to reach them , or complain. i doubt very much and I do mean VERY much – that this has anything to do with ratings.By the way, Sirius to my knowledge has NEVER disclosed what their ratings ever are and I simply do not believe them if they say it was a ratings decision. I think it is purely a political decision.

    I have no idea who this comment even goes to. I have no idea who ran Book Radio but whoever it was thank you for many years of really excellent programs. I suppose given the BS that is the corporation that is Sirius, and all they have done to destroy any decent programming ever since they took over from XM, that I should just be glad there were at least a few years of Book Radio.

    • Hi Roy!
      The comment went to me, Kim Alexander, since this is my own website.
      I am grateful, as I’ve said elsewhere, for all the listener outrage – the SXM home Facebook page is a sight to behold! And as you suggested, corporate does not share ratings with any employees that I am aware of. We are never told.
      For my part, I’ll keep talking to authors and will be posting the results here on this website. As far as audiobooks, that’s not something I can post. The best place to find them is your public library or
      Once again, thanks so much for your comments – it means A LOT to me.

  9. Bill Jones says:

    Gollum has a NEW PRECIOUS!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Lisa Martinez says:

    I too am distraught over the canceling of book radio. I couldn’t agree more with Roy that Sirius has ruined XM. But I am thrilled to have found your website and will be happily following you here! Best of luck!!

  11. Ruth says:

    I kept seeing Rural Radio on the screen and thought that was a book, but not making sense.
    Books are the so basic to our world. Hard to believe they take a back seat to all the other things
    on Sirius. I will keep up with you.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Everytime I inquire with Siruis XM they blame it on the publisher. Who is the entity responsible for it’s cancelation and why was it cancelled? My husband put many, many miles on the lonely roads and book radio was almost his life. It’s a sad, sad, day.

    • The publisher? I don’t even know what that means. We were on good terms with almost every major publishing house and many small ones as well. THe truth is they felt their money would be better served doing something else, which is their right – its their ballgame! And thats the whole and unpleasant truth!

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