Let’s talk (more) about sex!


And thank you, Fictionista Cait, for putting Salt N Pepa in my head when you came up with this topic.

So imagine everyone you know, during sex, slams their head into the wall as hard as they can. “Oh, this is the best part! The head slamming!” I mean, everyone does it, it’s always been that way. Your lover likes to slam her head extra hard, and you don’t want to disappoint her.

But you kind of hate it.

Do you tell her? Do you tell anyone? Is there something wrong with you, or maybe…possibly…there’s someone out there who hates it too. In fact, maybe there’s a place where no one has ever even heard of it. Sex without head slamming? That’s just gross!

That’s sort of the dilemma facing my hero, Rhuun. In my book, his people are far less sensitive to pain, and it’s setting each other on fire, not head slamming, but you get the idea. When I tell you he has some things to work through, I’m not even kidding.

Programming note: DEADLINES! I HAZ THEM!

I’m going to be posting a little less because Carly the Great and I are going head-slamming out to get this book finished and in your hands by early October. More on release dates, etc, as they floar to the surface. Send coffee and someone please clean my house!


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