Programming Note

Use sun screen!

I say that because I had a squamous cell skin cancer (the good kind) taken off one of the fingers of my left hand yesterday and it hurts like a wild dog. Also I can’t really type so this’ll be short.

If you are visiting courtesy of the lovely and talented Shauni at Tea and Book, thanks for dropping by! I am beyond thrilled at her kind remarks. It’s important to let you know this book is back in the edit bay for a tuneup, and will be released in the fall. All the particulars will still be there! I hope you’ll file it away in your collective brains and look for it then.

Until then, here is a picture of my cat Onion.



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  1. Cdr says:

    My sister’s keeepr. My sister’s keeepr is an amazing book!! I am reading it right now and am almost done. There are only positive things to say about this book. However, there are cuss words in this book, just so you all know. If you are looking for an amazing book, then I would recommend this book to everyone!! I am ,like, in love with this book <3 . If you need a book to read to meet your A/R goal then I would read this book. This book is a little bit longer, but it is totally worth it!! This book is 18.00 points. And I believe it is a 5.6 range, but I could be wrong. Thank you for reading this!! Leave a comment

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