Comic Con retrospective week continues

I spent a couple of hours last night organizing and captioning my photo gallery from last year’s San Diego Comic Con. (Yes, hours. Math is hard!) (But I have conquered hovertext!) Make sure you click on the thumbnails or else you won’t see all of Skarsgard.

If you’ve never been to SDCC, its GIGANTIC. It takes seriously almost half an hour to get from the hotel media suites at one end to the panel rooms at the other. Add eighty billion cosplayers, venders, gawkers and security folks, and its like the Tour de France on a tight curve. (I was going to add ‘but with less spandex’ and then realized that’s not true.)

You’d think that was enough room – nope! The hotels in the swanky Gaslamp Quarter, across the street from the Convention Center, fill up with hospitality suites and parties usually hosted by a startup media company you’ve never heard of. No, you can’t get in.  And you have to cross a major intersection AND a trolley track to get there. My team got dispatched all over town to interview the major players, which is how, on my way to today’s featured conversation, I got caught in a flashmob of Wilfreds. Thank God I had my camera. It looked like this, times a thousand:


I was on my way to an art gallery where I got to chat with Anthony Bourdain about his new graphic novel, Get Jiro. I’m a fan, putting it mildly. We talked about knives, sushi, cops, and Finnish grandmas. Here is our conversation – enjoy!

Anthony Bourdain at SDCC

Anthony Bourdain and his graphic novel Get Jiro

Anthony Bourdain and his graphic novel Get Jiro

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  1. Walter bloom says:

    Hello. I do not know if this the correct place to leave this comment. Or to ask my question. But it the only place I found. My wife and I have been out of the truck the past 2 weeks. When we returned to it July 15th the 1st station I looked at was book radio. I didn’t understand why I was seeing rural radio. I thought at first it just a new feature. When I then looked at the book radio schedule page I saw it all rural radio. I thought then some mistake had been made with posting the regular schedule. But with a little more looking I came to realize book radio had been cancelled. We were shocked. And immediately angry. A few days have passed and still angry. My question is WHY did this happen. I doubt very seriously if Xm will honestly answer. Just before finding you’re web site and writing this I sent a question/comment to Xm customer service. Perhaps they will not appreciate all that I said. This is their problem. I just want you ladies to know that my wife and I will miss Book Radio very much!!!!!!!! It helped pass the very long hours of our work for many years. The many books, CRT, Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes, the interviews and plays. All of the features that to my wife and I made Book Radio the best station on XM. I wish you and Pia the very best in whatever you both do next. And we are thinking seriously about simply canceling our service. Thank you and the best. And our 2 cats Sebastian and Elizabeth say hello to you’re cats)))))))

    • Hi Walter – Thank you for taking the time to write! I was heartbroken when Book Radio was taken off the air, believe me, it was not my idea! From what I can gather, this was a financial decision. I will continue to post audio from new and old conversations, and I would suggest you look into or even your local library for your audio book fix. Once again, thank you for your comments, it means so much. And hi to your cats from mine!

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