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They call it Noisy Monday

I was all set to revise the opening chapter of my book (for only the fourth time, but THIS TIME I MEAN IT) and got settled in. Cats on either side, check. Butt firmly...

Onion looking thoughtful, don't be fooled 2

I’m back!

Well, first of all, this is still going on:   Onion is now about 7 months old, and has completely taken over boyfriend duties. Last night at 3am he went for a full-on makeout...


He Could Pee On This!

Before we get to the conversation of the day, this is hands down the creepiest thing I’ve ever read. I would immediately contact an old priest and a young priest. Famke, GET OUT OF...

This is what she meant by going to the beach? 0

Dinner is Coming

First of all, here’s an update for those obsessively following the progress of Onion. At 6 months, he’s finally old enough to join Leeloo in her Happy Place. Its a far cry from the...



I had a long disagreement/argument (disagrument?) with my husband the other day. He thinks that the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ means ‘Party like its 1999’. I swear, he’s going to show up with  trucker hat...


Stephen King

So you’ll want to know about this: A couple of months ago, my friend Jacques Lamarre, who is the twin I ate in the womb and Bestie for Life (and runs the Mark Twain...

No pics of Onion? That's unpossible! 1

Meet Onion!

  Onion is about 5 weeks old in this photo and already embarking on a long career of eating, playing and farting.


Daisy of the Day

Daisy reminds us that it’s been two whole days and what is she, chopped liver?


not my cat

So this isn’t my cat, but its a very attractive Tabby indeed. The artist is Takeuchi Seiho and this print was Google’s art of the day, which happily took a break from religious iconography of the 17th century.