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Meet me at the (virtual) bar!

So how are we doing? How’s the sourdough starter? Knit anything new? And how is your garden coming along? Aaaaaand that about covers it. Another thing that’s happening is slow (very slow) work on...


SOMETIMES LOVE DOESN’T CHANGE THE WORLD. SOMETIMES IT CHANGES ALL OF THEM.   The River King: The Demon Door Book Four won’t be available until October 15th, but you can preorder it right now!...

Thank you and an update! 0

Thank you and an update!

First off, thanks to Cassandra! It’s hard to explain how it feels when someone appreciates the contents of your head-meat. Cassandra M’s Place An update on this series! I began writing The Sand Prince...


Happy October! I am overbooked!

Happy Fall! If you happen to spot any cool temps on the east coast please let me know, they are missing (so far.) I say this with the full knowledge and acceptance that as...

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Happy Book Birthday to PURE

Happy Spring! We have a thriving rooftop garden here in DC, and it’s really hard to remember that even if the temperature is 70 degrees, it’s still MARCH and no, you cannot start planting...

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Getting to Know Me

Hi and welcome to my newsletter! blog! If you’ve been here before, you’re going to know some of this. If you’ve wandered over because of my newsletter, thanks for stopping by! Please look around....


The Claiming of the Duke

  What are your favorite books within books? Since I’m a weirdo, The Necronomicon springs to mind. But there are other, less Cthulhian versions–The King in Yellow notwithstanding. Harry Potter has dozens of them....

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