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Countdown to Comic Con!

For the past couple of years I would be racing around like a lunatic this week, trying to decide if cute shoes were worth it (they are not) and if my room was actually...


Post Book Radio Day One

As I said on our Facebook page, it’s a little overwhelming to see thousands of comments from listeners, all lamenting the loss of something I loved passionately and couldn’t wait to do every day.  I...

Onion 1

Meet Onion!

  Onion is about 5 weeks old in this photo and already embarking on a long career of eating, playing and farting.


not my cat

So this isn’t my cat, but its a very attractive Tabby indeed. The artist is Takeuchi Seiho and this print was Google’s art of the day, which happily took a break from religious iconography of the 17th century.